Markdown Cheat Sheet

# Headline 1
## Headline 2
### Headline 3

~~strike through~~

[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

Horizontal rule

Inline Code
`var name = "John Doe";`

Code block with syntax highlighting
``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

Bulleted list
- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

Numbered list
1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

✨ New Features: Improved Preview Pane, Note and Drag&Drop

New Reader Mode features - 12/03/2021

3 important new features and improvements that have been added to Reader Mode as of 12/03/2021.

1) New Preview Pane

A brand new Preview Pane on the Dashboard is a new powerful feature that lets you preview your simplified/edited version of the article, your highlights/notes or the original webpage right inside Reader Mode without ever leaving the side. You can also do any customization you like on the "Reader" preview pane just like you can with the Reader Mode extension. This includes changing theme, font style, color, highlights and more.

New Preview Pane

2) Notes

You can now start writing your research papers and notes directly on Reader Mode! Just click the Notes button at the top of your Dashboard and click on Add > Note to add a new note. You can then start writing just like you do on Microsoft Word or any other app. Different is, you can choose a OpenDyslexic font to write with in Reader Mode's Note feature, and you can Drag & Drop any of your highlights directly onto your Notes!

Note Feature

3) Drag&Drop Folders and Articles

You can also now Drag&Drop any Articles into Folders or Drag&Drop folders into each other to easily keep all your saved materials organized.

🆕 New Features: Public profile, Public collections, Discover page, Team collaboration

New Reader Mode features - 27/04/2021

by Ryzal Yusoff

Save Tweet&Thread to Reader Mode via Twitter

Say goodbye to cluttered Twitter bookmarks!

by Ryzal Yusoff