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"The dyslexia tools are one of the places the extension really shines. With those, you can choose between a number of different fonts designed specifically for dyslexics."


"The bottom line is that Reader Mode is the nicest reader mode feature I've ever seen on Chrome."


"With so many features, from a distraction-free reader to dyslexia support and text-to-speech, Reader Mode is an excellent extension. It could change browsing experience for many users, especially for people with dyslexia and other learning disorders as well."


"If you find yourself reading a bunch of articles on the internet and find staying focused is difficult, then a reader mode can be absolutely clutch."


"It adds several useful features, including the ability to use Google Search and Translator without switching tabs, automatic page scrolling, the ability to select text fragments and add notes."


"Not just a Reader Mode, but a Reader Mode on steroids."


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